DJ and producer VANAY, also known as Daniel Nova and Andrew Shiller, can look back on more than 10 years in the music business. Since 2008, Daniel has released well over 35 singles under several artist names and completed more than 100 gigs in Europe.

Already in 2008, the Nuremberg based VANAY was able to proof his skills in clubs and at events, which in the coming years also brought with it a job as a resident in a local disco for 4 years. In addition to DJing, Daniel increasingly made a name for himself as a producer.

Under various artist names, Daniel published in the genres House, Electro, Chillout, Trance and Pop. With the first releases grew its desire for its own podcast and label. This is how Global Addiction Recordings and the formerly podcast of the same name came to life. In 2013, Daniel Nova regained attention with producer MagicSense and the joint production "Phoenix" when it was released on the Label of (and remixed by) Simon O 'Shine, who received support from Armin van Buuren and other great artists of the DJ scene.

In 2018, Daniel Nova decided to relaunch his Labels and merged them 2020 into his main label "Advamera Records". In 2020 Daniel also decided to change his Name to VANAY.

Daniel is planning an album for 2021 and 10 singles from this album, all with vocals, completely new territory for Daniel

Daniel 2018
Facts about VANAY:

VANAY learned to play the piano in his childhood, but he only wanted to become active himself with the music from his idol ATB.